A Camping Trip to Remember

When I was a young girl, my dad used to take my brother and I camping every summer... multiple times a summer.  Many of my favorite childhood memories were made camping in Oak Creek Canyon.  I am a daddy's girl.  Big time.  I admire him for so many reasons... even more so now than ever, with some of the health challenges he has recently faced.  For awhile now, it has been on my bucketlist to go camping... specifically, with my dad and my daughter, in Oak Creek Canyon.  Well this past weekend, it happened.  It was everything I had hoped it would be and then some. 

First of all, it was magical seeing my daughter love camping the way I did when I was young... every bit of it.  From setting up the tent, to exploring and picking fresh berries, to climbing rocks by the creek, to befriending caterpillars and snails, to making s'mores and telling campfire stories, to reading in the hammock, to being in awe of the view of the skies from our tent... she loved it all.  Just as spectacular, was watching my dad teach my daughter the things he once taught me... and listening to them giggle in the tent at night... I could go on and on. 

There were lots of excuses to put this trip off... lots of reasons to "do it next year".  But the truth is, none of us know what tomorrow holds.  Do the important things today... make the memories... say the things.  This little camping trip, perhaps meant more to me than what is reasonable... and no one else may ever know or understand the importance of it, but that's ok.  We made memories to last several lifetimes last weekend and for that I am so grateful.

When we left, I asked Raelyn, "When we come back next year, should we invite everyone else?"  She quickly replied, "No, just the three of us."  My heart is full.