The Babywearing Project

One of my favorite things, like ever, is wearing my babies.  At home, grocery shopping, hiking, you name it.  I absolutely treasure that while I'm doing the daily chores that need to be done, we're sneaking in some extra snuggles.  I loved nursing my babies in their carriers, and will always cherish the way their little faces would rest on my chest or the way they tip their little heads up to sneak me a smile or a kiss.  My son is two years old now, and although our babywearing days are fewer and farther between, we both still love it, and I'll wear him as long as he'll allow it.

My love of babywearing, all the cuddles and the bonding it promotes, led me to this little project.  I was so humbled to have several beautiful, loving parents drive from near and far (on Superbowl Sunday, nonetheless!) to allow me to capture some really sweet moments. <3