A Grandparent's Love

I lost my grandparents when I was a teenager... at a time in life when I was selfish and pre-occupied.  My biggest (and maybe only) regret in my life, is not realizing or appreciating my relationship with them and spending more time with them as they and myself aged.  My brother and I were so very close to them when we were young... They were quite possibly my very favorite people in the whole world, in fact.  Some of my most favorite memories include sleepovers at their home, our long walks, gardening and swimming with them, playing solitaire with my grandpa, hanging laundry with grandma and having "yard sales" in their front yard.  They showed me as much love as I've ever known and I know they helped shape me into the woman, mom and wife that I am.  I often think of how much they would adore my own children if they were still here.

This said, this session fell very near and dear to my heart.  Seeing this little boy and the bond and love between he and his Nana and Papa, was about as sweet as it gets.  He is clearly so adored by them and they, him.  This might just end up being a thing for me.