My Why. - Arizona Lifestyle Family and Birth Photographer

When I first started photographing my children, I did it for me.  I wanted to remember my children as they were, in those fleeting moments, days, weeks and years.  As I’ve progressed and grown in this journey, while it is still true that I want to, for myself, capture my babies as they are now and as they were, I want them to have these images FOR THEM to look back on just as much, if not more.  I want them to look at these images, and see my love and admiration for them.   I want them to see how I cherish every little piece of them… the wild waves of my daughter’s hair, the way my sweet 4 year old son looks at and snuggles his brother and sister, and the way my youngest’s toes are constantly curled up.  I want them to look at these images when they are older and I want their childhood memories to flood their minds…. I want them to share these images and stories that go along with them, with their spouses and their children and grandchildren.  Most of all, I want them to see themselves through my eyes and I want them to feel so loved. In the meantime, though, they will be for me.

I recently took my babies out to a beautiful spot in the desert and captured my favorite thing to capture… their connection. Some are freelensed, some not. Here are just a few of my favorites. <3