Breastfeeding: A Labor of Love

Breastfeeding: A Labor of Love

Breastfeeding truly is a labor of love.  Especially at first, there is nothing easy about it... Being that it is a woman's God given ability, you'd think it would come naturally... not always.  It takes determination, persistence, patience, practice on both mom and baby's part, and a whole lotta love... and that's when everything is working the way it should... Add in infections, tongue ties, low milk supply, pain, and exhaustion of a new mommy, and it takes even more.  This gorgeous momma persisted through several hurdles and I was so honored to capture these moments.  It is difficult to describe, and unless you are a breastfeeding momma yourself, difficult to understand... There is an unparalleled connection and bond that comes from providing nourishment from your body to a helpless little life that you, yourself, had a part in creating... Not to mention the countless silent, private cuddles and snuggles that come with. <3

A Mom's Weekend Away

Being a mom is a crazy thing...  It's the most amazing, most rewarding thing to be in the whole world, but it's also the hardest.  Being a mom and a wife and an entrepreneur and just being me, pulls me in all different directions, and finding the balance is nearly impossible sometimes.  This weekend was just further proof of that.

Me, all last week: Girl's weekend coming up!!!  I am sooooo excited!!!!  Oh, I can't wait to get away, and eat, drink, and sleep all on my own schedule and not have to worry about or tend to anyone else!! 

Me, Saturday morning: I am so nervous to be leaving my family for the weekend.  I feel so guilty....I shouldn't go.  I could cry at any moment. Ok, I am crying.  Should I go?  Maybe I should just stay home and spend some downtime with the fam.  Ok, fine I'll go.

Me, in Sedona with my girlfriends: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  This is amazing!  Pour me another.

This morning:  Oh, I can't wait to get home to my family.  I have butterflies, I'm so excited to see them and hug them and hold them.   And I swear they've changed in only 2 days!!  OMGeee, it feels so good to hold my babies.  (more tears)

Summary:  This weekend with my girlfriends was simply amazing.  I relaxed, I explored, I slept A LOT, I overindulged, I reminisced, I laughed until I cried (several times), and maybe even peed (unless you've passed a child through your girl parts, don't judge), and I came back refreshed for my family.

Here are a few of the moments. 

Now Blogging!

I am officially going to be blogging some of my sessions and I couldn't be happier about it!  For me, being a photographer is more than just taking photos.  It's about human connections and telling people's stories.  Everyone has their own story, their own joys, their own hardships.  I am so blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life, not only in my nursing career, but on this journey as well, and I couldn't be more grateful.  Thank you to all who support me, encourage me, and critique me.  I want to learn, improve, connect, move and be moved. <3